Unpacking a rebranding strategy
Unpacking a rebranding strategy
Analysing how a competitor’s rebranding might affect the market.


The banking division of a large financial institution operating across a myriad of financial categories.


BEI is a leading Financial Services Marketing Intelligence provider, with experience across the globe. We have a decade of experience in ongoing marketing intelligence. Our team of analysts have a detailed understanding of the banking industry and its many sectors.


The client wanted to unpack how the rebranding of a large global competitor could impact its home market. Butterfly Effect Intelligence unpacked the competitors approach elsewhere in the world with the aim of identifying what the most likely approach would be in the client’s local market.

So What?

This project provided the client with a thorough understanding of the competitors next moves in their home market. The client was able to design a pre-emptive strategy to mitigate threats and take advantage of the opportunities identified in the study.