Case Study – Analysis of 21 Private Equity Investment Managers’ CVP

Apr 2, 2017

Ad hoc project used to shortlist potential acquisition targets in the private equity space.


An international company that provides investments, savings, insurance and banking services in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. The group boasts 18.9 million customers from across the globe approximately 64,000 employees.


The client was underrepresented in the private equity space and was searching for possible acquisition targets. They required a thorough investigation of the customer value propositions (CVP) of 21 international private equity investment companies.


BEI is a leading Financial Services Marketing Intelligence provider, with a thorough understanding of private equity funds and investment managers across the globe.
BEI employs customer value proposition (CVP) methodology that has been developed specifically for the financial services sector. This methodology enables clear comparisons to be made between various acquisition targets.

So What?

BEI provided the client with a detailed analysis of these companies which was used to put together a shortlist of potential acquisition targets based on their cultural fit and brand strength.

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