Case Study – Ongoing Competitor Monitoring in Africa

Apr 3, 2017

Monitor all the latest insurance developments (including all marketing and communication) across Africa, to enable an insurer to develop an informed strategy and achieve a strong presence on the continent.


An international Insurance company with a focus on investments, savings, asset management and banking.


The client wanted to gain insight into key developments and competitors shaping the insurance landscape across Africa. BEI delivers a concise newsletter on a monthly basis that captures insurance developments in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, and Namibia, among other African markets.


Driven by the increased client appetite to understand the African market, BEI built up the network of consultants and companies over the past 11 years, identifying reputable, tried and trusted operators, enabling BEI to deliver high quality, credible projects across Africa. With BEI, the client gets insightful on-the-ground knowledge and insight generated through in-country experts.

So What?

Insights provided by the ongoing monitoring continuously highlight gaps and opportunities within the insurance industry, as well as inform the clients business marketing strategy within the countries it operates and is interested in.