Case Study – Ongoing Competitor Monitoring in Cash Investments

Mar 28, 2017

Monitor International Cash investments themes and trends to help a bank launch a cutting edge cash investments division


Top Cash Investments private bank operating across three continents.


The client wanted to launch a cash investments division that would be considered cutting edge. BEI provided ongoing monitoring of International Cash Investments themes and trends that provided the insight into what was considered important to clients, the gaps in the market, and the most effective way forward.


BEI is a leading Financial Services Marketing Intelligence provider, with experience across the globe. We have a decade of experience in ongoing marketing intelligence.
Our team of analysts have a detailed understanding of the banking industry and its many sectors.

So What?

The client was effectively able to launch the new Cash Investments division. Insights provided by the ongoing monitoring informed the business segments, design of products, the identification of key consumer segments, the development of inspired marketing communication as well as differentiated value proposition.

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