Case Study – Asset Management Client Value Proposition benchmarking within Investment Trusts

Jul 11, 2018


The head of UK marketing at Schroders wanted BEI to compare competitors’ client value propositions aimed at different retail investor segments within the UK Investment Trusts market.


BEI conducted a detailed analysis where we compared the holistic Client Value Proposition aimed at two different retail investor segments. The first segment was investors aged 55 and older, who are wealthy and have a detailed understanding of Investment Trusts. The second segment were younger (generally aged between 20 – 40) and would mainly just have a Pension/SIPP in place with little to no knowledge of Investment trusts.


Investment Trusts are an alternative investment vehicle to traditional funds which have several fundamental differences and offer tangible benefits to income seekers which traditional funds don’t offer. Schroders wanted to understand how different companies where targeting different retail investor segments within the Investment Trusts market.

So What?

BEI compiled a detailed analysis benchmarking Schroders’ Value Proposition against the market and then came up with a step by step approach on how Schroders could enhance its proposition to each segment.

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