Competitive organisations are not always as competitive as they’d like. Brands often draw on similar skills and experiences to guide decision making. What’s more, brands access and use similar data, resulting in remarkedly similar brand development and customer communication and engagement.

There is evidence of this in almost any category of product or service, with companies launching similar initiatives at the same time in the same way. So much of what is expected to be step-change innovation falls short of providing the results brands need to become market-leading.

Butterfly Effect Intelligence has been monitoring the important things that are shaping the competitive landscape continuously for over a decade, through distilling only the most pertinent facts relevant to your unique set of products, customers and competitors, we help clients understand the competitive environment, against the backdrop of key developments shaping their industry in the local and international markets.

It is only with a clear picture of what choices your clients have, that you can start to enhance decision-making and strategy formulation in a highly effective market and competitor-considered way. Market, Marketing and Competitor Intelligence sits at the heart of everything BEI does, with the result being our primary purpose is to help our clients start to develop strategies that are truly client-centric that are built around their core competencies.

Butterfly Effect Intelligence

Our Approach

Our Industry Focus Includes Financial Services, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, Logistics, Health Care and more.......

Market Intelligence

Understand disruptive forces shaping the competitive landscape:

  • Industry Insights
  • Customised Market Tracking & Analysis
  • Market Themes and Trends Tracking


Competitor Intelligence

Understand competitors core proposition to clients:

  • Business Strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Business Model
  • Technology
  • Brand proposition and communication

Hard-hitting strategic recommendations

Actionable feedback and recommendations to support results orientated, world-class strategic decision making.


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