Enhance your Financial Services Strategy

Butterfly Effect Intelligence is focused on providing financial services companies with an intimate knowledge of the market and competitive environment.

We unpack the client value proposition that your key competitors are offering the same core-clients that you are targeting. It is only with a clear picture of what choices your clients have, that you can start to develop your own strategy that is truly client centric and built around your core competencies.

Our role is to help clients understand the competitive environment in their sector, (Retail; Wealth; Business and Corporate), against the backdrop of key developments shaping the financial industry in the local and international market. For example, hot topics such as Consumer Centricity, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, niche segments or loyalty programmes, among many others.

Butterfly Effect Intelligence have been monitoring the important things that are shaping the financial services competitive landscape continuously for over a decade. Retail, Wealth, Business and Corporate clients are distinctly different – different segments, different needs and different competitors. We have a deep understanding of sector specific nuances and what forces are driving change in each sector.
Our job is to distil only the most pertinent facts relevant to your unique set of products, clients and competitors, so that you can focus on creating and driving client centric strategies.

Butterfly Effect Intelligence

Our Approach

Understand the market environment

Understand disruptive forces shaping the financial competitive landscape such as:

  • Consumer Centricity
  • Fintech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • niche high-profit segments
  • disruptive loyalty programmes
  • Regulations
  • Etc.

Understand the competitive set

Understand competitors core proposition to clients:

  • Business Strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Business Model
  • Technology
  • Brand proposition and communication

Hard-hitting strategic recommendations

Actionable feedback and recommendations to support results orientated, world-class strategic decision making.

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