About Us

The business started with the belief that a relatively small change in the way one captures and processes information could have a significant impact on the quality of strategy development.

The insight that Butterfly Effect Intelligence has been built on is that in the Financial Services industry, strategists don’t have the luxury of time or the necessary skills required to keep track of strategic competitor and market developments shaping the industry.

We realised that if we could provide companies with relevant insight to support strategic decision making, we could save companies time, money, and resource, enabling them to focus on their business strategy rather than the time consuming process of tracking and analysing the local and international financial services landscape.

We use secondary data extensively, our team of analysts are like investigative journalists, piecing together various sources of information from the market to build a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape. This helps reduce cost as we only use primary research interventions when all secondary sources have been exhausted.

Over the years we have built a wealth of understanding on the financial services market and the various sub-segments within it. We have developed sophisticated processes and skills to ensure that we can get to the strategic level of insight required at a reasonable cost for the client. This knowledge and skill set enables us to identify market ‘truffles’ of insight and provide actionable recommendations which help our clients build client-centric strategies based on a holistic view of what is happening in the market. In this way clients can develop strategies build around their core competencies and competitive advantage, standing apart from their competitors.