Products and Services

All our products and services are tailored in line with client needs. They enable you to develop client centric strategies by helping you keep track of key changes and developments in the market in which you operate.

Some of our products include:

Deep-Dive Understanding


BEI has a wealth of knowledge on key topics and developments in the various sectors and industries. We have developed criteria to help you benchmark your company’s client value proposition against that of your direct competitor set. This is usually delivered in the form of a once-off deep-dive analysis, based on client needs at a point in time.

Competitor Analysis

Unpacking competitor’s client value proposition (segmentation, product, distribution, benefits, communication, client needs) to end clients in relation to other offerings within the market.

Strategic topics

Understanding and unpacking hot topics or key niche segments within the financial services industry and how various companies (locally and internationally) have geared themselves in line with these key topics. E.g. How companies are leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence), Impact of millennials on the wealth segment, Niche segmentation, Corporate Consulting, Cyber insurance for commercial companies, the role of blockchain in financial services, the use of technology to drive engagement in emerging markets.

Analysis and benchmarking of loyalty programmes (local and international)

Strategic Monitoring


BEI tracks key strategic topics on your behalf, keeping you in tune with what is happening in the market, unpacking the strategic rationale behind developments.
This frees you up to focus on strategic decision-making.
Our strategic monitoring products include:

Market & Competitor Tracking

Weekly / fortnightly / monthly synopsis of the most important developments occuring in your market tailored to your key focus areas. BEI tracks strategic topics and competitive developments on behalf of clients and hand picks the most important developments for clients. We then re-write each insight piece to ensure our clients only receive the most relevant information.

Landscape Analysis 

Strategic view of market and competitor developments from the previous quarter. We contextualise key developments in relation to competitor strategy and identify key take outs and recommendations.

Portal or App

We create a personalised web portal or App, built around clients needs, using the clients’ CI. This houses all analyses for clients so that they can easily reference and share insight internally.

Marketing Engagement Best Practice


Through years of tracking various company and marketing initiatives in the financial services market, we have developed a model which helps assess what makes a successful financial services marketing campaign/strategy. We have done this by analysing thousands of marketing initiatives across the financial services sector and then tying this back to published results and comments.