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Title risk assessment of artworks

ARIS Title Insurance Corporation, the underwriter and insurer of title insurance for collectibles and art, has introduced a new service for title risk assessment of artworks for potenti…

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A Rise in Niche Segments

Financial Services Providers operating in niche segments significantly reduce competition, as consumers generally opt for those who don’t try to be all things to all people. April…

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Commerce becomes contextual

Dramatic changes in technology, consumer demands and regulations are redefining the financial services sector. Increasing access to affordable and more powerful devices is driving conv…

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Banksurers Here, There and Everywhere

The financial services sector in South Africa doesn’t have many examples of Behavioural Finance or Economics, though more companies are taking this approach each month. As we anticipa…

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Behavioural Finance – Fad or Fact?

Over the past few years we’ve heard the term Behaviour Economics (BE) being bandied about in advertising, marketing, FMCG and now in financial services. Discovery Bank claims to be th…

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